Finally Ready To Get This Show On The Road

Finally Ready To Get This Show On The Road

I am really excited! After ten months of research and online store building, we’re now ready for our first commercial batch of pastured broilers.

Susan and I raised and processed two test batches. Processing is hard work and Susan was pretty worried about whether she could do it. I was excited to see her jump in and start “bossing” me around. She’s got a great feel for efficiencies.

I plucked our first test batch by hand. It takes 2 or 3 minutes per bird. But boy oh boy! The electric plucker is an amazing contraption. We bought a fairly small unit, but it can pluck two birds in 30 seconds. Worth every penny.

 I drive to Charley’s Chicks in Jacksonville in two weeks to get a batch of chicks and 500 pounds of non-GMO feed.

 It’s been a couple months since our last batch and I can’t wait to get back to the daily feeding and watering chores. It makes me slow down and pay attention to the gorgeous Florida countryside.

The birds will get to know my truck and they’ll be excited to see me each morning. 

Pictures to follow!


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