Q. Do you deliver? A. We do! We deliver by FedEx to customers in Florida. FedEx provides next day delivery times for Florida customers.

Q. What is a CSA? A. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What that means is you, the customer, are willing to commit to a purchase of farm goods up front and receive the goods over the season (a box of veggies every two weeks). You pay a deposit up front, and there is often an additional payment along the way. This CSA process is a big help to the farmer, ME, because it provides much needed cash at the beginning of the growing season to purchase the supplies needed to raise the crops, and it really helps in the planning and forecasting of production. In our case, we offer a nice discount on our products for CSA shares, and maybe most importantly, it locks in the season or year's supply for the customer.

Q. How many chickens do you raise? A. Currently we are raising 50 to 100 chickens each month. We start our season in September and finish up our batches in June before the heat really kicks in.

Q. Seems like you’re always out of stock! A. We are starting small and selling everything we raise. We appreciate your patience! The best way to get our product is to pre-order. These pre-orders really help me gauge demand. Call me and I will ensure you get what you need each month.

Q. How do I get my purchases? A. At present, we attend the Swank farmer's market one to two Saturdays a month. If that is too far for you, we now deliver twice a month from Port St. Lucie down to Jupiter.

Q. Is your chicken organic? A. No. Our chicken is fed certified non-GMO feed and we do not use antibiotics. We think our approach gives all the benefits of feeding certified organic feed.

An Interesting Fact: Our manual processing methods are sanitary and safe. The large chicken processing plants process mechanically. The equipment is designed for high volume pass-through. Thousands of chickens are processed each day in these highly efficient plants. The downside is that the evisceration equipment can cause lacerations to the internal organs, thus exposing the meat to bacteria and fecal waste. To ameliorate this common issue, the chickens are immersed in chlorine baths multiple times throughout the processing of the bird.

Our hand process is slower, but gentler. Our evisceration process protects the meat from contact with any of the bird's internal fluids or waste. Our birds do not get a chlorine bath!