We take your food supply seriously! We do one thing and one thing only - pasture raised chickens. We move our birds to fresh grass every day and ensure they get plenty of sunlight, fresh air and bugs. Our birds are antibiotic and hormone free. Clean, non-GMO feed is really hard to find! We drive about 4 hours to Jacksonville each month to source our non-GMO feed.

At the present time, we attend the spectacular Swank's market about twice monthly. We also provide a delivery service to customers from Port St. Lucie down to Jupiter.  See the Pick Up Locations page for more details.

We offer whole dressed chickens and also an assortment of vacuum sealed cuts. 

When you purchase your chickens, we will stay in contact via email or text until you receive your purchases. At ordering time, you pay a deposit fee. Once we prepare your order and know the exact weight of your selections, we will settle up with you for the final purchase, less your deposit.