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Uncle Swabb's Pasture

10lb Chicken Starter Bundle - Home Delivery

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Grass fed, antibiotic free chicken. You are the chickens you eat! Non-GMO!

Now taking Pre-orders for June delivery

This 10lb box of the best tasting chicken on earth is the perfect "Get to know us" sampler. We're confident that you will come back for more after you give this bundle a try. BUT - Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

We designed this one for quick easy meals during the week, and a big family meal on the weekend.

In this bundle, you'll find:

  • one spatchcocked chicken (whole but butterflied for easy roasting),
  • boneless breasts,
  • bone in thighs,
  • a couple of leg quarters and
  • butterflied drumsticks especially for the kids.

The selections are vacuum packaged in 1 to 2 pound packages. 

Shipping Notes:

Price includes shipping materials, insulated liner and cold packs or dry ice.

We ship our UPS or FedEx deliveries every Wednesday and they will arrive at your doorstep or designated location within 24 hours. We do not sell outside this delivery distance!

We will send emails or text messages to keep you informed of your delivery. If you cannot be home to receive the package, please leave a cooler on your porch. Refrigerate or freeze as soon as you receive.



Delicious and Nutritious Pasture Raised Chicken and Beef

  • Know how your food was raised
  • Food unadulterated with medications and hormones
  • Humanely raised in Florida - The USA! Not Mexico or Brazil or who knows where!

Our Guarantee

We are so sure that you are going to love our chicken and beef that we stand behind it 100% with a money back guarantee!

How much beef do we need?

Check out this table for your family size and how many beef meals you might eat each week.

Lets talk about freezer space...

Here is another handy table to help you plan how much freezer space you'll need for 6 to 12 months worth of beef. Hang in there! It will be worth it!

  • Christy Cole:

    Uncle Swabb’s chicken is amazing! Whatever you want to call it organic, semi organic…labels, labels, labels. How about this for a label…Simply Delicious. Great job Bruce and the whole family who take the time to feed us, educate us, and put a smile on our faces.

  • Mary Corso:

    The BEST chicken I have ever tasted. I can never go back to any other supermarket chicken now. The cutlets are so tender when sliced and fried. I can’t stop eating the sweet meaty chicken wings. But, my family’s favorite is Uncle Swabb’s Spatchcock chicken! So easy to brine, season and grill. I am so happy I ordered the June and July beef/chicken combos. I am excited to see what the bulk beef fall selections will be. My mail order came to my home with no problems and was packed beautifully! Today was Father’s Day 2023, and the beef steaks, grilled over the coals, tasted outstanding. Unlike nothing I have ever tasted before :) :) :) And Uncle Swabb’s and his family are the kindest folks and were super at communicating with me.  5 Starsestimonial

  • Sarah Hernandez:

    I have been eating the chicken from Uncle Swabb's and the beef from Trinity Ranch since January 2023 and will never go back to store bought chicken and beef. My stomach issues have disappeared. The quality is like nothing I have ever seen before. Bruce from Uncle Swabb's and Frankie from Trinity truly care about providing their customers with a quality product and stellar customer service, and it shows in every single interaction I have with them. Make the switch and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Bonus #1 - A Chunk of Brisket!

On our Big Opening Day of deposits, be one of the first 8 folks to place your deposit and get a FREE cut of brisket! There are only two briskets per beef, so we've decided to give them as our way of saying Thank You!

Each brisket will weigh between 3 and 4.5 pounds.

Bonus #2 - The Italian Slow Cooker Cookbook by Michele Scicolone

This is one of our longtime family favorites with lots of great beef and chicken recipes - and perfect for family meals that create dinner while you work all day! We have searched and scratched up 8 copies of this cookbook for our early bird bulk beef customers. We aren't giving up our copy though!

Bonus #3 - 2LBS of our Provencal Chicken Sausage

2 one-pound packages of our handmade chicken sausage with the unmistakable Fall flavors of herbs de Provence. A perfect addition to your Fall family meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

So - how much is shipping?

There is no additional charge for shipping. Now, we both know it isn't free, but to give you more price certainty, we baked our cost of shipping and all the insulated box materials into our price.

When will I get my beef after I make a deposit?

Our deposit period is from July 15 to August 14, or until we sell out. We will harvest the beef in mid to late September when each animal is in peak condition. We will be starting our deliveries in the first week of October. Delivery time is usually one day, and we will be in close touch during that time.

How long will the beef last in the freezer?

Our beef will be professionally vacuum sealed by our butcher and you can expect up to a two-year shelf life, with no freezer burn.

Why is this any different from grocery store beef?

Oh boy! We could go on for quite a while on that question. To get to the most important differences, our beef (and chicken) are raised on pasture their full lives - no confinement, they are not medicated with anti-biotics and mRNA, and you know exactly where they came from and who raised them. Grocery store beef labelling can be deceptive and beef may have been raised in another country.

We almost forgot - FLAVOR! No comparison!